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Anubias barteri


PageIssue & IdentificationPublication
Anubias barteri"The Complete Book of Aquarium Plants. Allgayer, R. and J. Teton. (1987)"
245/02 Anubias barteriAquarium Fish Magazine
24 5/02 Anubias barteriAquarium Fish Magazine
5811/96 Anubias barteriAquarium Fish Magazine
58 11/96 Anubias barteriAquarium Fish Magazine
8Anubias barteriA Revision of Anubias Schott (Araceae) (Primitiae Africanae XII). Crusio W. (1979)
71Anubias barteri"System for a Problem Free Aquarium. Dennerle, L. (1990)"
99/78 Anubias barteriFreshwater and Marine Aquarium.
9 9/78 Anubias barteriFreshwater and Marine Aquarium.
Anubias barteri"Nature and Aquarium. Gesting, B. (1993)"
77Anubias barteriThe Complete Book of the Freshwater Aquarium. Vincent B. Hargreaves. (2006) Thunder Bay Press San Diego California 304 pages
227Anubias barteri"Aquarium Plants. Rataj, K. and T. Horeman. (1977)"
Anubias barteri"Water Plants in the Aquarium. Scheurmann, I. (1987)"
65Anubias barteri"Aquarium Plants Manual. Scheurmann, I. (1993)"
256/84 Anubias barteriTropical Fish Hobbyist
25 6/84 Anubias barteriTropical Fish Hobbyist
343/84 Anubias barteriTropical Fish Hobbyist
34 3/84 Anubias barteriTropical Fish Hobbyist
14710/94 Anubias barteriTropical Fish Hobbyist
147 10/94 Anubias barteriTropical Fish Hobbyist
Anubias barteri"Picture Encyclopedia of Aquarium Plants. Yamada, H. (1989)"

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Anubias barteri

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