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Hygrophila salicifolia


PageIssue & IdentificationPublication
Hygrophila salicifolia"The Complete Book of Aquarium Plants. Allgayer, R. and J. Teton. (1987)"
40Hygrophila salicifolia"Aquarium Atlas, Volume 2. Baensch, H.A. and R. Riehl. (1993)"
97Hygrophila salicifolia"System for a Problem Free Aquarium. Dennerle, L. (1990)"
Hygrophila salicifolia"Nature and Aquarium. Gesting, B. (1993)"
90Hygrophila salicifolia"A Fishkeeper's Guide to Aquarium Plants. James, B. (1986)"
45Hygrophila salicifolia"Underwater Garden Planning & Planting You Aquarium. Kramer, Jack (1974)"
39Hygrophila salicifoliaAquarrium Plant Catalogue Oriental Aquarium (S) Pte Ltd (1995)
132Hygrophila salicifolia"Aquarium Plants. Rataj, K. and T. Horeman. (1977)"
80Hygrophila salicifolia"Water Gardening Water Lilies and Lotuses. Slocum, Perry D., Robinson, Peter and Perry, Frances (1996) Timer Press, Inc. Portland. OR."
628/91 Hygrophila salicifoliaTropical Fish Hobbyist
62 8/91 Hygrophila salicifoliaTropical Fish Hobbyist

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Hygrophila angustifolia
Hygrophila salicifolia

Common Names

Willow Leaf Hygro

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